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1. Engineering Development

The services offered cover the different phases of a Project. Among which we find:

  • Basic Engineering and Investment Budget Preparation
  • Project Specific Basic Engineering
  • Design Engineering
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Specification and Design of Process Automatic Control Strategies
  • Development of Technical Specifications of Systems, Pieces of Equipment and Instrumentation.
  • Purchase Bidding and Offer Evaluation
  • Purchase Follow-up

2. Systems Integration

The scope of this service allows to cover the requirements to integrate Systems, Equipment and Instrumentation needed in different phases, so as to provide optimal solutions agreed with the Client for the different Applications that require them.

With regards to the above mentioned, we have the experience to recommend, specify and perform the integration of the Distributed Control Systems (DCS, others), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), SCADA Systems, Instrumentation in Applications that make extensive use of computer, information and industrial communication technologies.

3. System Configuration and Programming

This service includes the activities associated to incorporate to the Systems the developed Applications, by means of their Configuration and Programming.

In this aspect we have a vast experience in DCS Control Systems, Local Controllers and in different PLCs Programmable Controllers.

4. Commissioning, Startup and Support

This service aims to support the different activities of the project execution phases, among which we point out:

  • Inspections of Manufacture and Tests of Equipments, Cabinets and Control Panels
  • Technical Inspection of Assembly and Construction
  • Inspections and Checks of Systems and Equipments
  • Startup of Systems, Equipments and Processes

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